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For the VooV, they always come up with something special – and this year, they will light up the stage like the night-time sky is lit up by the stars: by building in more than 8,000 LEDs and choreographing them masterfully, live to the music! Bring it on, darlinKs!

香港 – Media OutReach – 2017 年 8 日 3 日 – 《 VOOV 》網上直播已正式登陸香港,7 月 28 日至 8 月 1 日一連五日在灣仔會展舉辦的動漫展 2017 中,《 VOOV 》每日都帶 來人氣女神與觀眾玩遊戲和合照,包括 Kamchi Chan、「 XX 小女警」 淋淋、游敏、李

VooV Meeting, the international version of Tencent’s cloud-based videoconferencing platform Tencent Meeting, has been launched in over 100 countries and regions as of March 20, including the US, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Thailand and Japan, as the coronavirus

VOOV – A Live broadcasting app where both celebrities and ordinary people can be the VJs of their own live shows. Social media ads banner design for marketing and branding awareness. VOOV Live – Social Media Design VOOV – A Live broadcasting app where

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