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Fill every corner of the room with 360 sound Place the Glass Sound Speaker anywhere in your room. The entire organic glass tube vibrates and delivers exceptionally clear sound that spreads in a 360-degree direction, so you can listen to clear sound

Sony has developed a very elegant wireless speaker that creates an atmosphere with its soft light and powerful sound. With 360-degree sound stage, Sony Glass Sound Speaker fills an entire room with sound, so no matter where you’re located, it will

Discover the Sony LSPX-S2 Glass Sound Speaker. Designed to sound as good as it looks, with illumination, built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth®, 8 hours battery & High-Res Audio. Find out

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Sony Glass Sound Speaker It doesn’t look like any other speaker. That’s entirely on purpose. The Sony Glass Sound Speaker is meant to provide both music and lighting for your next gathering. For sound, it has a glass tube tweeter that emits audio in every

Sony Glass Sound Speaker is designed to mix sound and light in a balanced manner and it does so by utilizing advanced technology on both elements. It showcases Bluetooth technology that permits you to stream the songs of your liking from any gadget.

Although nicely designed, the Sony Glass Sound Speaker (LSPX-S1) is too pricey, says Consumer Reports. In fact, you can buy a pair of speakers with superior sound for less. In the end, we don’t

Sony has today announced a new Glass Sound Speaker, the LSPX-S2, a minimalistic and elegant portable home speaker that uses its design to produce stunning sound quality. Elegant design Blend your speaker seamlessly into your home thanks to the

10/4/2020 · Miles Kamaloski praised Sony’s speaker, saying: “The sound quality and battery life on this is amazing, I definitely recommend this over the other models due to its high battery life and

Sony – Wireless Speakers | Sony Online Prices are in AUD and inclusive of GST. Prices are subject to change without prior notice and may vary for the same product with different

Discover the Bluetooth glass sound speaker and fill the room with crystal clear sound through a tube-shaped organic glass that also serves as a LED light. Speaker Type Tweeter: Organic glass cylinder type, Woofer: Approx. 50 mm dia. (2 in dia.) Output

Sony’s Glass Sound Speaker creates the most sophisticated space – it delivers a sense of presence so realistic that it feels like the room is filled with the sound of someone singing right there with you, while the soft lantern-like light illuminates the room.

Sony Glass Speaker uses its innovative design to produce stunning sound quality while lighting the room with a faux candle. It sure resembles the type of lamp you’d see lighting up a remote cabin in a western, yet what you’re actually looking at is a Sony Glass Speaker which uses its innovative design to produce stunning sound quality.

El Sony Glass Sound Speaker es un altavoz doméstico portátil con un diseño elegante y minimalista (cuerpo de vidrio orgánico) que armoniza automáticamente a la decoración de tu casa.Lee también: Estas bocinas inteligentes serán el primer paso para convertir tu casa en una smarthouse

Best TVs of CES 2017 – including LG’s ‘wallpaper’ TV, Samsung’s QLED and Sony’s glass speaker screen Currently this sound technology can only work with OLED TVs, due to the way OLED screen panels

不只一次,在 MIDWAY shop 內的客人都向我們查詢問那個如同燭台的東西是什麼,然而隨之而來的音樂卻自然地隱含在整個空間中,人們或許沒有留意到,來自360度音場的聲音,出自於 Sony 這個外型優雅的 Glass Sound Speaker「LSPX-S2」,當中隱藏了發聲

海外 SONY Glass Sound Speaker LSPX-S2 關於SONY Glass Sound Speaker LSPX-S2 × SONY Glass Sound Speaker LSPX-S2 加入追蹤 海外運送 商品編號 : 30194151077200 檢舉 商品備註 物品狀況: 請參考商品說明 物品所在地: JP,Japan 上架

Discover alternatives, similar and related products to sony glass-sound-speaker that everyone is talking about HiBy W5 is a game-changing Bluetooth Hi-Fi amplifier with the highest sampling & bit rate brought by a self-developed UAT. Supports all major Bluetooth

Sony LSPX-S1 Glass Sound Speaker with NFC and Bluetooth, 360 Degrees All Directional Speakerลำโพงแก วไร สายพร อมไฟ LEDLSPX-S1 SK9500PTA 4K HDR Smart AI SUPER UHD TV w/ ThinQ – 65″ Class Nano Cell Display เผยส ส นคมช ดแม นยำ ด

Sony LSPX-S2 Glass Sound Speaker won’t come cheap as it is said to carry a price tag of £550. The gadget will be available to buy in May which is about four months times from now. TAGS LSPX-S2

Discover the Sony LSPX-S2 Glass Sound Speaker. Designed to sound as good as it looks, with illumination, built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth®, 8 hours battery & High-Res Audio. Find out

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Sony Glass Sound Speaker Photo Gallery – See images of new Sony Glass Sound Speaker from all angles including design, body, display, front and rear camera, battery, chipset, connectivity

Glass Sound 就和一般現代音響一樣,主要透過藍牙連線手機來播放音樂。外觀的主體是仿自水晶質感的有機玻璃,同時這款產品也可以輕易移動,並具有內建電池。特別的是,在玻璃外殼的中央有一枚設計成燭火狀的 LED 燈,可以釋放溫暖舒適的黃光,調整

Glass Sound Speaker: Sony’s newly developed audio technology delivers clear, authentic sound that you can hear throughout the whole room with a 360-degree soundstage. The organic glass tube tweeter plays crystal-clear audio in every direction, for music that sounds as if it’s being performed right in front of you, wherever you are.

Com um design minimalista, a pequena coluna assemelha-se a um objeto vintage para colocar comodamente em qualquer parte da sala, ou, até, numa mesa para um jantar à “luz das velas”. No que toca à tecnologia, a Glass Sound Speaker inclui um botão para se ligar diretamente ao Spotify, para aquela playlist mais romântica, e tira partido de ligações Bluetooth, para se ligar a qualquer

The Sony Glass Sound Speaker measures 12 x 3.25 inches (height x diameter), making it reasonably portable in size, although the glass enclosure probably makes it a little too fragile to regularly bring out on the road. It has a maximum audio output of 13W, so it’s

Dezeen has teamed up with Sony to give away one of its Glass Sound wireless speakers. Dezeen Daily is sent every day and contains all the latest stories from Dezeen. Dezeen Weekly is a curated

The Glass Sound Speaker looks like a sleek, softly glowing lantern, but is also a powerful speaker with supreme sound quality It offers 360 degrees non-directional, crystal-clear sound that’s reverberated through its elegant organic glass cylinder The vibration of the

Cosy atmosphere, crystal clear sound Fill your space with crystal clear sound, plus ambient illumination through a speaker designed to blend seamlessly into your life. Description Features Specifications Fill every corner of the room with 360 soundPlace the Glass

Sony Malaysia has revealed that the new LSPX-S2 Glass Sound Speaker is now available in the country, coming in with a minimalist yet elegant design with quality sound. The Sony LSPX-S2 comes with the company’s unique Advanced Vertical Drive Technology

Crystal clear Hi-Res Audio sound that harmonises with your home interior: introducing the new Sony Glass Sound Speaker Press releases • Jan 08, 2019 02:15 CET

Sony’s Life Space UX series is reserved for products and devices that “create a new kind of living experience”. We’ve already seen 4K ultra-short throw and portable projectors, but the company’s latest addition is a Bluetooth speaker disguised as a light. The Glass

Sony Glass Sound Speaker is a Bluetooth speaker and table lamp in one By Max Langridge 26 July 2016 Sony’s Life Space UX series is reserved for products and devices that “create a new kind of living experience”. We’ve already seen 4K ultra-short throw

SONY LSPX-S1 Glass Sound Speaker adalah glass sound speraker dengan NFC dan Bluetooth, 360 degrees all directional speaker. Suara sejernih kristal yang dibawanya. Cahaya lembut dari filamen LED : Filamen LED disetel halus untuk cahaya lembut

Sony’s mini Bluetooth speaker may not quite best the Bose’s SoundLink Mini, but it sounds quite good for its size, costs less, and adds speakerphone capabilities. eShoponline Bluetooth Speaker Reviews Sony SRS-X3 Bluetooth Speaker: review – CNET

Sony has announced the LSPX-S2, a successor to its glass bulb speaker the LSPX-S1. The LSPX-S2 has been slightly revised compared to its predecessor and is considerably cheaper too. There is also

Sony’s Glass speaker sounds good and creates a soft, warm glow. And while you might think that going for an unusual and experimental form factor over pure audio fidelity is a move for people with

Having already surprised us with the cup holder-toting GTK-PG10, Sony has also used CES to take the wraps of another unique wireless speaker – though this one is decidedly more classy.The LSPX-S2 Glass Sound Speaker looks more like a little lamp than a

還記得去年七月 Sony 推出一款簡約時尚設計的玻璃共振揚聲器 LSPX-S1,受到不少消費者的關注與討論,在今年五月 Sony 又在台灣發表全新的 LSPX-S2 玻璃共振揚聲器。身為新一代的後續機種,Sony 徹底的改變了 LSPX-S2 玻璃共振揚聲器的外型設計,同時

At its CES event today, Sony announced its Glass Sound Speaker, a vertical round glass tube with an “LED source” on the inside. The Glass Sound Speaker, as the name suggests, is a speaker

The Sony Glass Sound Speaker LSPX-S1 has just arrived! Learn more about this beautiful Sony speaker and what it can do for your home! The Sony LSPX-S1 Glass Sound Speaker Is Here! The Sony LSPX-S1 Glass Sound Speaker was designed to

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Sony’s attempt to marry technology and lifestyle, the Sony LSPX-S1 Glass Speaker sets a tone and the mood, a show stopper none-the-less. The LSPX-S1 glass speaker is not for everyone, it is a lifestyle device intended for buyers with a flair for design and

Sony presenta la bocina LSPX-S2, la cual está diseñada para combinar sus colores con tu cuarto. Sony dio a conocer el nuevo Sony Glass Sound Speaker, el LSPX-S2, un altavoz doméstico portátil, elegante y minimalista que usa su diseño para producir una calidad sonora impresionante.

Sony has just launched their brand new Glass Sound Speaker LSPX-S1, which fill rooms with pristine sound and crystalline illumination. It gives you control over every setting, allowing you to set the tone for the moment and create a vibrant environment. Sony Glass

We’re seeing some surprisingly good sales pop up as July 4th approaches, and this is definitely one of them. You might not have ever heard of the Sony LSPX-S1 Glass Sound Speaker before, but you

SONY LSPX-S2 GLASS SOUND SPEAKER 購自日本 揚聲器類型 高音揚聲器:有機玻璃氣缸類型,低音揚聲器:約。直徑35毫米。 輸出功率 約11W(低音揚聲器,1

Designed to look like part of an everyday table setting, the Glass Sound Speaker LSPX-S1 blends effortlessly into the scene alongside tableware and cutlery A creation that unlocks the potential of spaces to enrich everyday life with sound and warm illumination in

Sony’s new Glass Sound Speaker, just introduced at CES in Las Vegas, has you covered on both sides. LSPX-S2 is capable of delivering hi-res 360 sound through its organic glass tube, thanks to Sony’s Advanced Vertical Drive technology.