SN74AHC1G08SINGLE 2INPUT POSITIVEAND GATESCLS314M − MARCH 1996 − REVISED JUNE 20051POST OFFICE BOX 655303• DALLAS, TEXAS 75265D Operating Range of 2 V to 5.5 VD Max tpd of 7 ns at 5 VD Low Power Consumption, 10-µA Max

SN74AHC1G08DBVR Datasheet(PDF) 2 Page – Texas Instruments Click here to check the latest version. Part No. SN74AHC1G08DBVR Description SINGLE 2-INPUT POSITIVE-AND GATE Download 12 Pages Scroll/Zoom 100% Maker TI [Texas Instruments]

The SN74AHC1G08DBVR is a single two input positive AND gate in 5 pin SOT-23 package. This device has a wide operating VCC range of 2V to 5.5V which allows it to be used in broad range of systems. The low propagation delay allows fast switching and higher speeds of operation. In addition, the low power consumption makes this device a good choice for battery power sensitive applications. The

SN74AHC1G08DBVR 数据手册, SN74AHC1G08DBVR 芯片手册, SN74AHC1G08DBVR 电路, SN74AHC1G08DBVR datasheet, SN74AHC1G08DBVR circuit, SN74AHC1G08DBVR data sheet : TI – SINGLE 2-INPUT POSITIVE-AND GATE ,alldatasheet, datasheet

Perform multiple different logical operations through the use of Texas Instruments’ SN74AHC1G08DBVR logic gates. This gate has an operating temperature range of -55 C to 125 C. This product will be shipped in tape and reel packaging so that components can

Texas Instruments SN74AHC1G08DBVR Inventory, Pricing, Datasheets from Authorized Distributors at ECIA. Instant results for Texas Instruments SN74AHC1G08DBVR. Maximum Operating Temperature +

SN74AHC1G08DBVR PDF技术资料下载 SN74AHC1G08DBVR 供应信息 SN74AHC1G08 SINGLE 2 INPUT POSITIVE AND GATE SCLS314M − MARCH 1996 − REVISED JUNE 2005 D D D D D Operating Range of 2 V to 5.5 V Max tpd of 7 ns at 5 V Low Power

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部品の即日出荷なら、Digi-Keyにお任せ! SN74AHC1G08DBVR – ANDゲート IC 1 チャンネル SOT-23-5はTexas Instruments提供です。Digi-Key Electronicsの数百万の電子部品の

TI の SN74AHC1G08 に関する詳細なピン配置図、品質、環境に関するデータを掲載しているパッケージング・オプションをご覧いただき、設計にご活用ください。

Buy SN74AHC1G08DBVR . – TEXAS INSTRUMENTS – AND Gate, 74AHC1G08, 2 Input, 8 mA, 2 V to 5.5 V, SOT-23-5 at Farnell. order SN74AHC1G08DBVR . now! great prices with fast delivery on TEXAS INSTRUMENTS products.

SN74AHC1G08DBVR Texas Instruments Logic Gates Single 2-Input datasheet, inventory & pricing. South African Rand Free shipping on most orders over R2 000 (ZAR) American Express not accepted as a method of payment

SN74AHC1G08DBVR from Texas Instruments High-Performance Analog. Find the PDF Datasheet, Specifications and Distributor Information. Mfr Package Description SOT-23, 5 PIN REACH Compliant Yes EU RoHS Compliant Yes China RoHS Compliant Yes

Buy SN74AHC1G08DBVR . – TEXAS INSTRUMENTS – AND Gate, 74AHC1G08, 2 Input, 8 mA, 2 V to 5.5 V, SOT-23-5 at Farnell. order SN74AHC1G08DBVR . now! great prices with fast delivery on TEXAS INSTRUMENTS products.

在 e络盟 购买 SN74AHC1G08DBVR .-TEXAS INSTRUMENTS-与门, 74AHC1G08, 2输入, 8mA, 2V至5.5V, SOT-23-5. 现在就预定 SN74AHC1G08DBVR .! 质优价廉, 发货迅速的


欢迎前来中国供应商(了解深圳市砹矽科技有限公司发布的SN74AHC1G08DBVR 原装***价格,SN74AHC1G08DBVR 原装***厂家信息,产品和服务质量好,性价比高

SN74AHC1G08DBVR (TI) 데이터시트, 가격, 재고, SN74AHC1G08DBVR Datasheet,유통 공급 업체. 보기,대비 모든 딜러 오퍼 및 재고. 문의견적,구매 SN74AHC1G08DBVR. 인디케이터 및 디스플레이

關於全新原裝 SN74AHC1G08DBVR 晶片 74AHC 單邏輯門電路 SOT-23 179-02596 × 全新原裝 SN74AHC1G08DBVR 晶片 74AHC 單邏輯門電路 SOT-23 179-02596 加入追蹤 支援付款快手 商品編號 : 21840724627889 檢舉 商品備註 物品狀況: 全新

sn74ahc1g08dbv price and availability by electronic component distributors and suppliers PART NUMBER MANUFACTURER DESCRIPTION STOCK PRICE BUY SN74AHC1G08DBVR D#: 33AH4805 Texas Instruments IC, AND GATE, SINGLE


欢迎前来淘宝网实力旺铺,选购SN74AHC1G08DBVR原装TI正品SOT-23-5丝印A083 A08G 单路2输入与门,想了解更多SN74AHC1G08DBVR原装TI正品SOT-23-5丝印A083 A08G 单路2输入与门,请进入欧阳佳鹏8的晨新阳电子实力旺铺,更多商品任你选购

SN74AHC1G08DCKR datasheet, cross reference, circuit and application notes in pdf format. Bristol Electronics SN74AHC1G08DCKRG4 2,575 23–$0.1125 $0.0675 $0.045 Buy Now Texas Instruments SN74AHC1G08DCKR AND Gate 1-Element 2-IN CMOS 5-Pin SC-70 T/R – Tape and Reel (Alt: SN74AHC1G08DCKR)

欢迎前来淘宝网实力旺铺,选购原装正品TI SN74AHC1G08DBVR 丝印A08 SOT23-5 单逻辑门电路,想了解更多原装正品TI SN74AHC1G08DBVR 丝印A08 SOT23-5 单逻辑门电路,请进入锐成芯微电子的深圳市锐成芯微科技有限公司实力旺铺,更多商品任你选购

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SN74AHC1G08DBVR ic and view more in SN74AHC1G08DBVR manual, TI Logic Gates SN74AHC1G08DBVR Specifications: AND Gate 1Element 2IN CMOS 5Pin SOT-23. SN74AHC1G08 PGA206UA SOT-23 2V to 5.5V 5Pin Logic Gates

从RS在线订购Texas Instruments 1个 2输入 AND 逻辑门, 8mA, 5引脚 SOT-23封装 SN74AHC1G08DBVR或其他逻辑门并指定次日送货,可享受一流服务和大量电子元件享有更佳

SN74AHC1G08DBVR ti SN74AHC1G08, Single 2-Input Positive-and Gate . Operating Range 5.5 V Max tpd 5 V Low Power Consumption, 10-µA Max ICC ±8-mA Output Drive 5 V Latch-Up Performance Exceeds 250 mA Per JESD 17 ESD Protection Exceeds

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Dio brojeva SN74AHC1G08DBVR Proizvođač / robna marka Luminary Micro / Texas Instruments Količina 93000 pcs Stock Kategorija Integrirani krugovi (IC) > Logika – Gates i pretvarači Opis IC GATE AND 1CH 2-INP SOT23-5 Status slobodnog olova / RoHS-a: Bez


오늘 주문하세요. 당일 선적이 가능합니다! Texas Instruments의 SN74AHC1G08DBVR – #VALUE2. Digi-Key Electronics에서 제공하는 수백만 개 전자 부품에 대한 가격 및

型号:SN74AHC1G08DBVR 制造商:Texas Instruments RoHS: 无铅 / 符合限制有害物质指令(RoHS)规范要求 封装:剪切带 (CT) 说明:IC SGL 2IN POS-AND GATE SOT23-5 标准包装:1 类别:集成电路 (IC) 家庭:逻辑 – 栅极和逆变器 系列:74AHC 包装:剪切

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Buy SN74AHC1G08DBVR . – TEXAS INSTRUMENTS – AND Gate, 74AHC1G08, 2 Input, 8 mA, 2 V to 5.5 V, SOT-23-5 at Farnell. order SN74AHC1G08DBVR . now! great prices with fast delivery on TEXAS INSTRUMENTS products.

Buy Texas Instruments SN74AHC1G08DBVR 2-Input AND Logic Gate, 5-Pin SOT-23 SN74AHC1G08DBVR. Browse our latest Logic Gates offers. Free Next Day Delivery. Description: Advanced 74VHC High-Speed silicon-gate CMOS logic family products

Lambar Sashi SN74AHC1G08DBVR Katalogi Sashi Lambar kwanan wata-Kunshin-Takardar bayanai SN74AHC1G08DBVR Takardar bayanai Siyan Siyayya Mafi qarancin oda 10 guda A cikin hannun jari 36,600 guda Mafi qarancin Farashi USD $0.039226

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Buy Texas Instruments SN74AHC1G08DBVR, 2-Input AND Logic Gate, 2 → 5.5 V, 5-Pin SOT-23 SN74AHC1G08DBVR or other Logic Gates online from RS for next day delivery on your order plus great service and a great price from the largest electronics

型号: SN74AHC1G08DBVR: 品牌: Texas Instruments: 逻辑类型: 与门: 电路数: 1: 输入数: 2: 特性-电压 – 电源: 2 V ~ 5.5 V: 电流 – 静态(最大值


SN74AHC1G08DBVR Search Go MPN: SN74AHC1G08DBVR Mfg: Texas Instruments Have a question about this part? Email Us Now Availability: 7,858 (ships in 3-4 days) Call for Pricing: (262) 862-2353 Grab Bags, Kits, Overstock Specials Line Card All

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Le SN74AHC1G08DBVR est une porte ET simple à deux entrées dans un boîtier SOT-23 à 5 broches. Ce composant a une large plage de tension de fonctionnement VCC de 2V à 5,5V ce qui lui permet d’être utilisé dans une large gamme de systèmes. Le faible

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Compra SN74AHC1G08DBVR . – TEXAS INSTRUMENTS – Puerta AND, 74AHC1G08, 2 Entradas, 8 mA, 2 V a 5.5 V, SOT-23-5 desde Farnell. Precios competitivos y entrega rápida! The SN74AHC1G08DBVR is a single two input positive AND gate in 5 pin SOT-23

Buy SN74AHC1G04DBVR . – TEXAS INSTRUMENTS – Inverter, 74AHC1G04, 1 Input, 8 mA, 2 V to 5.5 V, SOT-23-5 at element14. order SN74AHC1G04DBVR . now! great prices with fast delivery on TEXAS INSTRUMENTS products.