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7/9/2014 · The FSB RAM ratio is the ratio between the clock frequency of the FSB and the clock frequency of the DRAM. The FSB is QDR, or Quad-Data-Rate. It transfers data four times per cycle, so a 200Mhz FSB results in 800 MT/s across the Front Side Bus. It

Leo, is there a setting in bios to run the ram asynch with the fsb, just to make sure it’s not a ram limitation? On the manual I downloaded, it shows a setting in the core cell section of the bios that will let you select the memory speed setting. Try setting it to 400 and

Let us continue the memory overclocking frenzy of last month’s AMD MaxxMem challenge! Instead of measuring the subsystem performance, this time we will go for the ultimate clock frequencies in four different exotic memory stages: SD SDRAM, EDO DRAM

7/11/2007 · I tried +0.3 V on the FSB, NB, and even took the voltage on the CPU up to 1.6 V. The DS3R just keeps booting itself but it resets the BIOS automatically. I had also set manual DDR2 timings and set the DRAM ratio to 2.0 so my memory won’t exceed its rated 800MHz.

Hia i am new to this board. I have recently bought a Q8300 cpu for my pc. but i have a problem when i fitted the chip the pc would not boot up. so i contacted asrock

22/2/2005 · Alright to say what I see lets go with this. For them what has not seen a board> the NF4 Ultra-D and the SLI-DR what has Orange and Yellow slots. 1. Those that cannot get but one stick going and it in slot #2 which is the first Orange slot in the from edge of board

Częstotliwość szyny, FSB 800, FSB 1000 MHz; Do tej płyty ECS C51GM-M chciałbym zakupić Athlon 64 3000 lub inny, ale nie wiem z jaką szyną FSB 400, FSB 800, FSB 1000 MHz; byłby najwydajniejszy i jakoś w internecie przy opisach procesorów znikło FSB a czasami jest HT nie rozumiem tego.

一、介绍 超频在这里是个术语,指的是从许多与计算机进行的实时交互作用中释放出能量和激发潜能的操作。一些人利用它

11/11/2013 · Jag förstår att min CPU “speedsteppar” (är det så det heter?) ner sig till 6 multiplicerat med FSB vilket jag antar bara är praktiskt. Men varför står det att minnena jobbar Async och bara i 400Mhz ? (Gjorde en inställning i Bios att dom skulle lira i DDR 2 fart

질문자. 안녕하세요. 궁금한 하드웨어 관련 궁금한 사항을 질문 드립니다. CPU와 RAM은 전송 속도 차이로 인해 병목현상을 피할 수 없습니다. CPU는 클럭, IPC, 코어 로 인해 속도가 결정 되고 추가로 아키텍처에 따라 성능에 차이가 생길 수 있습니다.

La serie Lanparty UT es la “gama-baja” de las placas DFI para el mercado de los entusiastas del hardware (es decir overclockeros/gamers), pero no por eso son productos inferiores, se diferencian en que no vienen con tantos regalos como stickers, paneles frontales y chucherías varias.

Typica PCI DRAM Mem DRAM Max ECC/ Bus Max L2/ l AGP Clock Types Rows Density Mem Parity Speeds Tag bits CPUs Dividers FPM EDO SDRA M 256M B 50 N/A 60 66 1/2 Asynch 512KB/?bit?MB WT ?MB WB VLSI Lynx [82C541] [82C543] P54C?Mbit


Overclock Hi in my Bios (MSI k7n2 Delta L) Current cpu clock 1733 mhz CPU SB Clock 133 MHZ Current DRAM CLOCK 166 mhz AGP Clock Value 66 AGP Voltage Adjust 1.5v Dram Voltage Adjust 2.6 CPU Ratio By H/w CPU Vcore select By H/w i got amd

6/9/2007 · Meine Frage lautet jetzt allerdings: CPU-Z meldet mir das mein Corsair DDR2-667 auf 333.3, mhz läuft (wahrscheinlich mal 2?) und das FSB RAM async wäre. Heisst das, ich sollte mal versuchen den CPU FSB auf 333 hochzuschrauben, eventuell dafür sogar

Asynch Printer/Terminal Cable, 9-pin to 25-pin, 4M 7038 6M2 3926 6 Foot Extender Cable for Displays (15 pin D-shell to 15 pin D-shell) 7038 6M2 4242 Backplane For

30/11/2006 · DFI Infinity NF Ultra II-M2 (AM2) AMD Athlon64 X2 3800+ (2400Mhz / 1MB L2 per core) OCZ Gold 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 DDR2 1000Mhz (PC2 8000) ATI X1900XT PCI-E 16x 512MB, Omega 6.7 drivers, 625/650 Seagate 7200.10 SATA II 16MB cache 250GB

8/6/2006 · Zitat von conroe2006 Ich weiß woran es liegt! Du mußt im Bios bei Ram auf Flexible Option stellen also eabled! Jetz wird er richtig ausgelesen! Hmm. Ich weiß woran es liegt!

Intel Core i7-900 Desktop Processor Extreme Edition Series and Desktop Processor Series_计算机硬件及网络_IT/计算机_专业资料 32人阅读|次下载 Intel

10/10/2008 · Stell den Teiler erstmal zurück auf DRam:FSB 1:1. Mehr bringt keine Performence im gegenteil, die NB schaltet langsamer (Stichwort straps) oder streikt gänzlich. Bei mir gehen bis 400Mhz FSB auch locker 1,1Ghz Ram, mit steigendem FSB kannst du das

20/1/2004 · Btw ich hab den Shop mal angemailt. Sollte das Jetway u.a. auch manuelle Ram-Einstellungen und FSB über 232 bieten, wäre es noch in meiner engeren Auswahl für das A64-Board. Geändert von ReWi

Intel staat dan wel bekend voor de altijd synchrone LX/EX/ZX/BX/GX reeks, maar pakweg de i810 maakt het wel erg bont- de FSB kan 66, 100 of 133MHz zijn, maar de RAM draait altijd op 100MHz Via is altijd de meester van de asynch geheugen geweest, en

C’est vraiment dommage d’investir dans une nouvelle carte mère (surtout si tu gardes ton Q6600) en socket 775, car il arrive en fin de vie!!Certes un Q6600 bien overclocké (au minimum à 3.6Ghz) peut encore tenir la route, mais devoir investir dans une carte mère de cette vieille génération n’est pas une bonne idée à l’heure actuelle.

因而这个损失是很难补偿的。注 意到在软件A64 Tweaker 中调整Max Asynch Latency 的变化,没有它是不可能在Windows 下对这个FSB 异步的。另外,A64 Tweaker 是一个优化Athlon 64 必备的工具。 310 MHz 的FSB 内存199.8 MHz 1.5伏的核心电压 这里在

О программе и её основных возможностях. CPU-Z – это бесплатная программа, ставшая уже давно стандартом де-факто для определения процессора, установленного в системе; отображения информации о нём, а также о других

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POST A COMMENT 48 Comments View All Comments Skoad – Friday, October 21, 2005 – link Board just came in stock at newegg for $209+5 shipping. Also what psu was used in this test. I

电子工程专业常用词典 8-level Vestigial Side Band (8-VSB) 八级残余边带 A-law A-律 AAL 1 circuit emulation mode AAL1 电路仿真模式 AC signaling 交流信令 ACK cycle 确认周期 ADSL transceiver unit (ATU) ADSL 收发器单元 AFE analog front end 模拟前端 AND

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Overclocking limit? Hi all I’m new to these forums so please be gentle with me OK I’m running a A64 3500+ Newcastle in a MSI neo2 Plat mobo with 1Gb pc4000 Ballistix Ram The problem I’m getting is this, no matter what I do I can’t get the system prime stable

Bonjour, Je sollicite votre aide pour quelques questions concernant mes réglages BIOS pour un o/c correct svp. Tout d’abord, voici ma config : – Carte Mère : ASROCK G31M-GS (BIOS à jour) – Processeur : INTEL Pentium Dual Core E5400 (2.7 GHz – Cache L2 2Mo – 800 MHz FSB)

Anmerkungen: (5) bei Verwendung von EDO-RAM Die Chipsatzbausteine M1689 und M1687 sind hier nicht aufgeführt, da der Speichercontroller in der CPU (Opteron, Athlon 64) eingebaut ist. 2005 ging ALi in den UMC-Schmieden als neue Chipsatzfirma ULi

DRAM Types Mem Rows DRAM Density Max Mem ECC/ Parity AGP Bus Speeds PCI Clock Dividers Max L2/ Tag bits ALi Aladdin P4 [M1671] [M1535D+] Pentium 4 SDRAM PC133 DDR PC2700 Asynch Mem 6 64Mbit 128Mbit 256Mbit 512Mbit 3GB No 1x 2x

Als ze deze test met een 133MHz FSB P4 gedaan hadden, waardoor er nooit meer dan 25% asynch gedraaid zou worden, zou de relatieve winst van mem clock veel hoger geweest zijn.

17/2/2008 · helloHere is my initial test on Pentium Intel Pentium Core(tm)2 Duo E2160 Stock 1.8ghz OC to 3.6ghz = 100% OC

Using EasyTune 4, you’re able to do linear, asynch, or divider adjustments of memory, FSB, AGP, and PCI devices. Voltages for Vcore, Vdimm, and AGP are all adjustable in Windows through EasyTune 4.

27/11/2005 · I had a problem with my system that it didnt boot up, so a friend gave me the following bios config that fixed my problem: CPU Thermal-Throttling – disabled Maximum Payload Size = 256MB -LTD/FSB = x3.0 – CPU/FSB Frequency Ratio = x12 – PCI eXpress

16/6/2004 · The WIZ processor throws away all the complexity of pipelining and everything related to it. Instead of using a clock that commands when all signals get stored in stage latches and come to a rest, every functional unit just keeps working until the result is ready. I

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13/10/2010 · Es que quiero a hacer peliculas en Adobe After Effects y juegar juegos con buenos graficos pero mi pc no esta muy potente y quiero saber si le puedo aumentar la targeta de video y la memoria ram y que me recomendara un targeta buena compatible con estos

9/8/2006 · What are you getting already? Run at a 166 divider? and go for a low <220fsb OC, my value corsair could do that, and i think the geil is comparible. that should push it close to 2.7ghz The option you are chatting about i recently looked into. I was looking at ddr500

13/10/2010 · Es que quiero a hacer peliculas en Adobe After Effects y juegar juegos con buenos graficos pero mi pc no esta muy potente y quiero saber si le puedo aumentar la targeta de video y la memoria ram y que me recomendara un targeta buena compatible con estos

The chipsets whose names are blue italicized have not yet been released and the information is preliminary; some of it may be wrong. Take it with a grain of salt. This chart may or may not be updated in the future. Yeah, I know, there are waaaay too many defunct

Der bisherige Prozessor-Bus (FSB, Frontside-Bus) und die sonst übliche Northbridge entfällt. Statt der Northbridge kommen andere Bausteine zum Einsatz. Im Workstationbereich sind die CPUs (bei einer CPU der AMD Athlon 64 “Clawhammer” im Sockel

10/9/2009 · я поставил 150 fsb,vcore voltage 1.385, memory voltage 2.7,dram freq 375mhz- И НИЧЕГО,ВСЁ ТОЖЕ!!!! а ещё у меня стоит pci express freq на 100 вот скрин моего биоса:

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