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No one should be surprised that the Ryzen Mobile 4000—which brings AMD’s Zen 2 7nm architecture to the laptop world—outperforms Intel’s laptop CPU offerings on multi-threaded performance or

AMD’s third-generation Ryzen processors for laptops have officially arrived at CES 2020, with the announcement of the new Ryzen 4000 series of chips based on the company’s 7nm Zen 2 architecture. They’re the first AMD laptop chips to make the jump: while the

Although last year’s Ryzen Mobile 3000 line didn’t use AMD’s newest Zen 2 architecture or 7nm process size, it was still a solid match for its Intel competition on paper. Unfortunately, a good mobile CPU isn’t enough to make a good laptop. Despite performance

Meanwhile, the first 7nm CPU from AMD will be an “Epyc” processor based on the company’s Zen 2 architecture and designed for servers rather than personal computers. But it’ll pave the way

And the next 7nm laptop processor will be designed by In, er, AM, um, Qualcomm: The 64-bit Arm This new system-on-chip has eight 64-bit Armv8.1 CPU cores: four based on Arm Cortex -A76 designs

9/4/2020 · AMD Ryzen 3rd Generation series processors, the new Ryzen 3000, are the computer industry’s first 7nm CPUs. Here’s everything we know about the AMD Ryzen 3rd Generation ahead of

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这个国庆长假期间,微软发布了新一代Surface平板、笔记本以及智能手机等产品。对AMD来说这次的突破在于Surface Laptop 3笔记本的消费级版本用上自家

11/5/2018 · Here’s why Intel and AMD’s 7nm CPU revolution is so important to the future of PCs EUV chip production is the key to getting ever smaller transistors into our processors and graphics cards

This week’s hardware news recap primarily focuses on some GN-exclusive items pertaining to AMD’s plans with system memory in the future, mostly looking toward DDR5 for CPUs and HBM integration

AMD Ryzen 7nm Please note, this AMD Ryzen 7nm article will be updated as more information, prices, reviews and other information become available. Last updated 14/06/2019 Only a few weeks ago, we

AMD Ryzen 4000: 7nm+ Zen 3 Specifications, Release Date and Pricing Areej November 23, 2019 0 2 minutes read Memory: Some rumors claim that AMD’s next CPU offering will be compatible with DDR5 memory. However, I seriously doubt that and

Rumoured AMD 7nm Mobility CPUs could launch early in 2020 James Dawson October 13, 2019 CPU Pirzada also claims the new AMD mobile CPU (specifically the 6-core) will be capable of 12 hours

MSI Alpha 15作為首款搭載AMD 7nm獨立顯卡的筆記型電腦,選擇盡可能在合理的價格內提供最多的配置、豐富的接口、手感優秀的鍵盤和120Hz更新率的Full HD螢幕,讓即使預算有限的玩家也能入手一台好料滿滿筆電,特別是對於辦公桌有限的上班族和住宿學生

AMD Moves All 7nm CPU, GPU Production to TSMC AMD Moves All 7nm CPU, GPU Production to TSMC G5 Gaming Desktop Only $800, Vostro 14 5490 Laptop Just

This is the laptop AMD fans have been waiting for (on the entry level, anyway). The MSI Alpha 15 ($999.00 to start; $1,099.00 as tested) features an AMD Ryzen 7 3750H CPU and the 7nm AMD

AMD CTO: ‘We Went All In’ On 7nm CPUs In an exclusive interview with CRN, AMD CTO Mark Papermaster talks about how partners will benefit from the company’s advances in

AMD has really been bringing the heat to Intel this year, with incontestable wins for its 7nm CPUs in the I don’t know if anybody expected AMD to drop a laptop CPU that would beat the i7-9700K

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Exklusiv bei PCGH: Die Prozessor- und CPU-Roadmap für 2020. Welche AMD- und Intel-CPUs kommen voraussichtlich heraus? Denkbar, dass Intel wieder gestaffelt startet und erst die K-Prozessoren mit

7nm AMD laptop chips are expected to show up in January at CES, potentially even shipping at that point. With the 15% IPC boost, that will help a lot. If Zen3 brings another 15% IPC boost

Dell’s new G5 15 SE laptop has an optional 15-inch 1080p 144Hz display which is a surprise, a mid-range laptop with a 144Hz refresh rate is interesting to see. We also have AMD FreeSync tech

Earlier this month, AMD delivered its second-generation Ryzen 3000 mobile processors.Unlike the Ryzen 3000 desktop processors, which are built on 7nm Zen 2 architecture, the mobile versions are

AMD plans to launch its 7nm Zen 2 CPUs in 2019 and is already sampling the new line of die-shrunk hardware ahead of its planned debut. If those dates hold fast, it would give the

AMD’s Ryzen 4000 mobile processors “Renoir” are just weeks away from launch. Intel is expected to face the same level of competition as it’s already facing in the desktop market where $200 Ryzen chips manage to beat its $500 flagships. With twice as many cores and comparable IPC, the 7nm APUs will power the fastest

Papermaster said that the first 7nm EPYC server CPU will be released next year, followed by 7nm Ryzen desktop PC processors in the wake of the server products. Significantly, the AMD CTO claimed

AMD has unveiled its first 7nm laptop processors, which incidentally also happen to be the world’s first 7nm laptop processors. This has helped AMD go one up on Intel at least for the time being, until Intel comes back with its own set of offerings. With the new

AMD’s new Ryzen 7 4800U processor is the world’s highest-performing ultra-thin laptop processor, throwing up a huge 8C/16T of processing grunt at 1.8GHz base CPU clock and up to 4.2GHz boost

Recently, MSI sent their first-ever laptop with an AMD CPU and GPU implemented, and it’s also the world’s first 7nm gaming laptop. The Alpha 15 is expected to be launched in Europe and America before the end of this year. So, what surprise has this laptop got in

AMD hasn’t even launched its second-generation Threadripper family yet, but the company is hard at work on its 7nm follow-up to the Epyc server family. We don’t know much at all about these

13/3/2018 · The AMD Zen 2 processor architecture is the 7nm CPU design now available in an AMD Ryzen 3000 shaped package. These are the first 7nm x86 processors to

AMD Ryzen 7 vs. Intel Core i7: Microsoft Surface Laptop CPU Face-Off By Tom Brant 12 Feb 2020, 6:35 p.m. Microsoft’s 15-inch Surface Laptop 3 offers a rare opportunity to test out the differences

Despite AMD’s currently abysmal laptop marketshare, the company claims a lot of historical firsts over the past 10 years. AMD AMD’s U-series are lower power profile, integrated graphics parts. H-series are discrete CPU with higher TDP. Pro series

Verdict Good, we can finally enjoy more than 4 cores without buying an expensive laptop thanks to AMD and their 4500U CPU (there are even more Ryzen 5 siblings than will hit the shelves soon). If you still think that 4 cores are enough, think twice – you can enjoy

AMD has some serious momentum right now in the CPU market, and since Zen’s original launch, the company has successfully managed to impress audiences with each subsequent iteration. We’ve already taken many looks at the third-gen Ryzen series, and we eagerly await testing of the upcoming 16-core Ryzen 9 3950X and some third-gen Threadripper chips.

Benchmarks released by AMD 7nm Ryzen APUs Wccftech reports that AMD is planning to release another batch of the Ryzen APUs, but this time, these APUs will be based on the current Zen 2.0 CPU architecture and Navi GPU architecture. These APUs will

As you may already know from our previous CPU comparison (Intel Core i7-1065G7 vs AMD Ryzen 7 4800H) based on leaked results regarding the still unreleased Ryzen 4800H – the new upcoming AMD APUs look more promising than ever.They combine a lot of

Mercury Research, a CPU market analyst firm, released its market share report today, which highlights AMD’s recent gains against Intel. The last quarterly share report did not include sales from AMD’s Ryzen 3000 processors, but this report reflects 7nm processor sales as the company continues to claw back market share from Intel.

7nm Ryzen 3000系列立大功 AMD處理器均價大漲40% gary gary ·2019-11-01 AMD今年搶先升級至7nm製程,包括GPU及CPU在內都比對手領先。儘管上新製程的代價不低 ,但AMD這次賭對了,7nm正在為AMD帶來豐富回報。 據日前公布的財報,AMD第三季營收為18

AMD 7nm与英特尔10nm CPU之争,AMD 暂时领先 乐川·2019-11-11·IC 来源: 爱集微 在延期了多年之后,英特尔宣布它终于开始大批量出货10nm芯片了。除了生产现有的Ice Lake-U/Y产品,英特尔还计划生产服务器CPU和GPU,Ice Lake-SP

In the second half of 2020, AMD will double their 7nm orders making them TSMC’s largest customer of 7nm chips according to some forecasts. Going into 2020, TSMC’s factories

AMD’s biggest gaps in their technology gap has always been two-fold: a lack of a proper competitor against Nvidia’s top of the line GPUs, and a lack of a true rival to Intel in the laptop market

According to Tom, new AMD APU is still being tested in the lab. The following specs are astonishingly good for laptop lovers. Next gen laptop Cézanne APU will have up to 8 core 16 thread CPU running on base clock 1.7 GHz at 10W TDP efficiency and next

AMD today announced and detailed the next generation of its 7nm CPU and GPU products, including five new processors leveraging its Zen 2 architecture and the new Radeon 5000 Navi GPU series.

AMD’s market share 2019 Desktop ~ 20% Notebook ~ 15% Server ~ 4% OEM’s still have to by Intel chips if they want to sell large volumes. AMD/TSMC just can’t make enough CPU’s to take over Intel in CPU market share even if they win every deal.

Intel CPU roadmap: all the ‘Lakes’ from 14nm to 7nm By Jarred Walton 08 May 2019 Here’s the rundown of Intel’s past, present, and future ‘Lake’ CPU families and codenames.

新型Surface Laptop 3、IntelモデルとAMDモデルどちらが優秀?今期、初めてAMD製のCPU「Ryzen」が採用されたSurface Laptopなのですが、結局 どちらのCPUを搭載したモデルを買うべき なのでしょうか。 それについては以下の記事で紹介した通りです。新しいSurface

AMD on Monday kicked off CES 2020 by introducing new laptop and desktop processors, as well as new graphics cards for 1080p gaming.The AMD Ryzen 4000 Series processors bring up to 8 cores and 16

7nm AMD GAMING LAPTOP: ALPHA 15 In this live stream we will have a look at our new AMD 7nm Gaming laptop the Alpha 15. We will unbox it and run

這一顆微軟定製的 3780U 大概是有開啟了微軟的語音DSP (其實這些 Ryzen 3xxx APU應該都有,只是沒有啟動) * Be heard even in a crowded arena: Next-level voice detection optimized to perform even in noisy or echo-filled environments powered by a superior DSP